Video coding language relies on a rich set of acronyms which are used to describe tools, algorithms, modes, etc. Here, a selection of such acronyms is provided. The technology behind is detailed in the book. Some examples are also provided on this website.

Marked acronyms (*) indicate deprecated naming conventions or refer to tools which have not been adopted into the HEVC specification. If acronyms relate to the H.264/AVC specification, a corresponding indication is given.

Acronym Meaning
3D-HEVC 3D high efficiency video coding
AAC Advanced audio coding
AAP Alternative Approval Process
AhG Ad hoc group
AI All intra (JCT-VC CTC)
AIF* Adaptive interpolation filter
ALF* Adaptive loop filter
AMP Asymmetric motion partitioning
AMVP Advanced motion vector prediction
ANG* Angular intra prediction
APS Adaptation parameter set
ASO Arbitrary slice ordering (H.264/AVC)
AU Access unit
AUD Access unit delimiter
AVC Advanced video coding
BLA Broken link access [picture]
BD Bjøntegaard delta measurement
BL Base layer
BO SAO band offset
BoG Break-out group
BP Bandpass [filter]
BPB Bitstream partition buffer
CABAC Context-based adaptive binary arithmetic coding
CAVLC Context adaptive variable length coding
CB Coding Block
CBF* Coded block flag
CBP Coded block pattern (H.264/AVC)
CBR Constant bitrate
CD Committee draft
CD Compact disk
CE Core experiment
CfE Call for evidence
CfP Call for proposals
CIE Commission internationale de l’éclairage
CIF Common interchange format 352×288
CPB Coded picture buffer)
CRA Clean random access point
CRFB* Compressed reference frame buffer
CRT Cathode ray tube
CS Constraint set (in CfP)
CSS Coded slice segment
CT Collaborative team
CTB Coding Tree Block
CTC Common testing conditions
CTU Coding Tree Unit
CTX CABAC context
CU Coding Unit
CVS Coded Video Sequence
DAM Draft amendment
DC Direct current
DCT Discrete cosine transform
DCTIF DCT interpolation filter
DIF* DCT interpolation filter, syn. DCTIF
DIF* Directional interpolation filter
DIS Draft international standard
DLP* Decodable leading picture, syn. RADL
DMVD Decoder side motion vector derivation
DPB Decoded picture buffer
DPCM Differential Pulse Code Modulation
DST Discrete sine transform
DU Decoding unit
DUT* Directional unified transform
DVD Digital Versatile Disk
EG Exp-Golomb code
EL Enhancement layer
EO SAO edge offset
EOB End of bitstream
EOS End of sequence
EOTF Electro-optical transfer function
FCD Final committee draft
FD Filler data
FDAM Final draft amendment
FDIS Final draft international standard
FLC Fixed length code
FMO Flexible macroblock ordering (H.264/AVC)
fps Frames per second
FRExt Fidelity range extensions (of H.264/AVC)
GRD Gradual Decoder Refresh (H.264/AVC)
GOP Group of pictures
HD High definition
HDTV High definition television
HEVC High efficiency video coding
HM HEVC test model
HP Highpass [filter]
HRD Hypothetical reference decoder
HSS Hypothetical stream scheduler
HTM 3D-HEVC test model
HVC* High performance video coding (name of HEVC pre-project in MPEG)
HVS Human visual system
IBDI* Internal bit-depth increase
IDCT Inverse discrete cosine transform
IDR Instantaneous decoder refresh
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
IEEE Institute of electrical and electronics engineers
IRAP Intra random access point (see also RAP)
IS International standard
ISDN Integrated services digital network
ISO International organization for standardization
ITU International telecommunication union
JCT Joint collaborative team (of ISO and ITU)
JCT-VC Joint collaborative team on video coding
JCT-3V Joint collaborative team on 3D video coding extension development
JM Joint model (AVC test model)
JPEG Joint photographic experts group
JTC Joint technical committee
JVT Joint video team
KLT Karhunen-Loève transform
KTA Key Technical Areas (H.264 based exploration software of VCEG)
LCTB* Largest coded tree block, syn. CTB
LCTB* Largest coded tree unit, syn. CTU
LCU* Larges coding unit, syn. CTU
LD Low delay (JCT-VC CTC)
LP Lowpass [filter]
LPS Least probably symbol
LSB Least Significant Bit
MAC Multiplexed analog components
MANE Media aware network element
MB Macroblock (H.264/AVC)
MBAFF Macroblock adaptive frame/field coding (H.264/AVC)
MC Motion compensation
MDDT* Mode dependent directional transform
ME Motion estimation
MMCO Memory management control operation (H.264/AVC)
MP3 MPEG-2 audio layer III
MPEG Moving picture experts group
MPM Most probable mode
MPS Most probably symbol
MSB Most Significant Bit
MSE Mean squared error
MV Motion vector
MVC Multiview video coding (H.264/AVC)
MVD Motion vector difference
MV-HEVC Multiview high efficiency video coding
NAL Network abstraction layer
NB National body (in ISO)
NGVC* Next generation video coding (name of HEVC pre-project in VCEG)
NTSC National television systems committee
NUH NAL unit header
NUT NAL unit type
PAL Phase alternating line
PAFF Picture adaptive frame/field coding (H.264/AVC
PB Prediction block
PCM Pulse code modulation
PDAM Proposed draft amendment
PPS Picture parameter set
PSNR Peak signal to noise ratio
POC Picture order count
PU Prediction unit
QCIF Quarter common intermediate format 176×144
QHD Quarter High Definition 960×540
QP Quantization parameter
RA Random access (JCT-VC CTC)
RADL Random access decodable leading picture
RAP Random access point
RASL Random access decodable skipped picture
RBSP Raw byte sequence payload
RD Rate-distortion
RDO Rate-distortion optimization
RDOQ Rate-distortion optimized quantization
RExt HEVC Range extensions
RGB Red green blue, color format
RPL Reference picture list
RPS Reference picture set
RQT Residual quadtree
RTP Real-time transport protocol
SAD Sum of absolute differences
SAO Sample adaptive offset
SAR Sample aspect ration
SATD Sum of absolute transformed differences
SDH Sign data hiding
SECAM Séquentiel couleur à mémoire
SEI Supplemental enhancement information
SC Sub-committee
SD Standard definition (TV)
SG Study group
SHVC Scalable high efficiency video coding
SODB String of data bits
SOP Structure of pictures, see also GOP
SPS Sequence parameter set
SSD Sum of squared differences
SSE Sum of squared error
STSA Stepwise temporal sub-layer access
SVC Scalable video coding (H.264/AVC)
TB Transform block
TE Tool experiment
TFD* Tagged for discard [picture], syn. RASL
TMuC Test model under consideration
TMVP Temporal motion vector predictor
TR Truncated Rice [binarization]
TSA Temporal sub-layer access
TSB Transform sub-block
TSB Telecommunication standardization bureau
TU Transform unit
TV Television
UHD Ultra High Definition
VBR Variable bitrate
VCEG Visual coding experts group
VCL Video Coding Layer
VGA Video Graphics Array 640×480
VLC Variable length code
VPS Video parameter set
VUI Video usability information
WD Working draft
WG Working group
WPP Wavefront parallel processing
XGA Extended Graphics Array 1024×768
XYZ XYZ color space
YUV Color format with luma and two chroma components
YCbCr Color format with luma and two chroma components