Dr.-Ing. Mathias Wien works as a senior research scientist and head of administration at Institut für Nachrichtentechnik at RWTH Aachen University. His research interests are in the area of image and video processing, space-frequency adaptive and scalable video compression and robust video transmission. He has more than 10 years of experience in video coding standardization. He was an active contributor to the first version of the H.264/AVC standard and to VCEG, MPEG and the Joint Video Team (JVT) where he co-chaired several AdHoc Groups. He served as co-editor of the amendment to H.264/AVC for Scalable Video Coding (SVC, 2007). He has contributed as a proponent in JCT-VC, and JCT-3V, MPEG and served several times as AdHoc Group co-chair in JCT-VC, advancing the development of HEVC and its 3D-HEVC and SHVC extensions. Besides the textbook on HEVC Mathias has authored various papers in the area of video coding.


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